We, the American people, are a family. We have over three hundred million members. One of every hundred of our family members is in prison. More than sixteen hundred of our family members die each day from cancer. Many of us take medications for depression, anxiety, or sleep disorders, or use illicit drugs. Most of us work hard and have strong ethics, yet we do not have much to show for it. Our family has divergent views, which cannot be any further apart, on many issues, from piety to politics. We are happy, sad, depressed, angry, and mostly at war. Nevertheless, we are a family…

We live in a world in which our jobs are taken by people living in countries that we cannot identify on a map. We elect presidents only to debate where they were born once they take office. Many of us earn minimum wage, but vote for millionaires to represent our values and address our concerns in Congress. We cannot afford to care for our elderly parents, but we happily provide a lifetime of care for convicted murderers. And the list goes on.

YFOG is about compromises. It's about Yielding For Oncoming Greatness. It recognizes many shades of gray. It is about making concessions to what we can tolerate, so we are not forced to sacrifice that which we cannot bear to lose.

…Changing our banking system is unthinkable. We cannot tame bankers, and we certainly cannot govern them. They are the most powerful entity in our society. So powerful, in fact, that when they crash our economy, as in the recent housing crash, we lend them more money and even ask them to manage the recovery.

…Imagine that you are a bird born in a cage inside a windowless room in a castle. All your life you long to be free, but what does it mean to be free? For you, freedom means flying about and exploring the windowless room, and nothing more. You are unaware that there is a castle beyond the room and a universe beyond the castle. We were the bird, and the room was our understanding of the land of the free.

“And to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.” Thomas Jefferson

The death toll from cancer in 2015 alone is higher than the number of Americans who died in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and Iraq combined. Please take a moment to think about this.

According to the USPS, the system generated over $67 billion in gross revenue in 2013, employed 489,727 people, delivered over 158 billion pieces of mail, and lost $5 billion.

…Every day we see people around us losing their wealth, health, or loved ones due to acts of man or God, but we keep our blinders on and continue living ignorantly…

Join us in the effort to restore America to its former glory!